Monday, November 7, 2011

When I say Low Key

Woah- Sorry it's be awhile.
Life has been a little busy lately.

I had a busy week at work and
this week will be busy as well.

Last week is a bit of a blur. But I did
get a bit accomplished. Me, Jillian and
Maggie got together for a Mediterranean
style dinner to discuss Thailand, Cambodia
and the new addition of London to our trip.

This is going to be the biggest trip to date.
Most of it will be back packing and guessing
where we should go.
We enjoyed lots humus, cheese and crackers while
figuring out details.

Oh and wine from Italy.

Friday I took a half day at work to head
to Maine for the weekend. I needed a low key
weekend to relax and visit my family.

I also got to see Ariel and Katelyn for drinks.
I ordered the paddle and the bartender hated
me. But hey, for $5 it's a steal. I like trying
all the beer on tap!
Tasty tasty. I love the Liberal Cup!

When I say low key weekend- I really mean
low key. I didn't do much but sit around and hang.
I walked the dogs and the weather was beautiful.

I got up early for spin class today.
It was a killer class. And I don't mean good killer.
I mean I was in so much pain at the end. But they say-
no pain, no gain!

I'm heading to Switzerland this week for work.
So real busy week. I've got to get packing!

On another note- Is anyone else watching
Where in the World is Matt Lauer?
As you know- I love Mr. Lauer so I'm tuning
in every morning. Put Namibia on the list!

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