Sunday, November 20, 2011

Eye candy, crazy muscles and blood shed.

I had to bid farewell to Lucerne and the lion.
He is the saddest lion ever.

Luckily- I was able to find my way home from Lucerne.

Yes- I love chocolates and cliches.

It was a long week of catching up but I enjoyed my
weekend very much. On Friday I went out for a
couple of drinks at Howl. Saturday was a day for
working out and dinner at the Burren. A personal
favorite of mine! And today was a rando day.

It started with a gym sesh and little nap. Then I asked
Alex to get some fro-yo with me and JP Licks. First
we had to stop so she could eat lunch at Anna's. Ok
fine. Then she was too full for fro-yo right away so we
walked around and checked out some of the thrift shops.
Look at the beauties I found-
I think they were made from horse hair?

Finally, fro-yo time. I had vanilla twist with choco
chip cookie. Holy delicious!
I love JP Licks!

After fro-yo we decided we both wanted to see
Immortals. Guess what- it started at 5pm. Ok-
it was 5:07 but we were game!
There was plenty of eye candy, crazy muscles and blood
shed. A lot of blood. I had to turn my head away.. a
few times. But I am a serious history/mythology lover so
it was totally worth it. This movie was perfect. And so
was Theseus.

This week is a short 2 day work week for me.
I'm looking forward to lots of food and friends.
I also love, love, love cooking. I'll try and come
up with some serious recipes since I've been kind
of sucking lately at recipe posting.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes?

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